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Learner find

We are nationally acknowledged as a progressive and reputable learner find company that is committed to finding the smarter ways to market your courses.

Learner find

We are nationally acknowledged as a progressive and reputable learner find company that is committed to finding the smarter ways to market your courses.

Nationwide Learner Find

A multi-channel approach to acquire learners from all corners of the country

Working with a range of learning providers has refined and developed our expertise in advertising courses, developing websites, acquiring and inducting learners from all corners of the UK.

Not only do we have dedicated teams and strategies to target specific areas, but our determination to provide distance learning and training opportunities has allowed us to exhibit a nationwide reputation among learners as well as learning providers.

Nationwide Learner Find​

Local authorities

We collaborate with local councils to deliver training opportunities and courses to individuals within their specific area. Supporting those who are looking for work or career progression.


Having established long-lasting relationships with colleges over recent years, we are highly experienced and successful in recruiting and inducting learners with a tailored enrolment process to match the needs of a college.

Training providers

Whether a training provider is aiming to develop the skills of employees within organisations or focusing on individuals across the nation who may be looking for work, we have had experience in surpassing the expectations of training providers.

learner find

Variety of learners

Digital Marketing Strategies to help deliver unprecedented learner find figures

Targeting a variety of areas across the UK ensures we can acquire learners from a range of backgrounds, interests, education and career levels. Adapting the type of learner based on the specific needs of the learning provider remains a top priority here at Market Smarter.

Diverse distance learning courses

As a result of delivering and inducting thousands of learners onto accredited Distance Learning courses, we have built an experienced team which caters for further education and training in numerous different markets. From Mental health awareness to professional development or even hospitality, our advertising and content creation strategies can cater to any subject within any sector.

Employability status

Our multi-channel and digital marketing approach allows us to cater to the specific needs of learning providers regarding the learner’s employability status. Our dedicated marketing team use a variety of advertising channels to gain qualified learners who can be segmented as either employed on unemployed. We exhibit a proven model of websites dedicated to particular segments, for example, our staff training website has a strong reputation and brand equity for learning providers to utilise.

Quality Learners

We deliver unprecedented learner find figures no matter the location or type of learner, however, how do we ensure that the learners we provide are of a high quality?

Our role doesn’t finish as soon as the learner starts the course. We recognise the importance, to both customers and the learner, to keep engagement high to ensure course completion and the development of new skills.

  • Utilising our dedicated call centre to qualify and engage with individual learners as well as employers
  • Our experienced account managers build long-lasting and fruitful relationships with employers as customer care remains a valuable asset here at MarketSmarter
  • We utilise our trusted brands to deliver value-based content up-front based on each learner’s interest/chosen subject area. Exploiting email marketing strategies and social media content allows for our relationship with each customer to remain strong resulting in retention and loyalty.
Here are at MarketSmarter we have built a strong community of hungry learners, who engage and benefit from an incredible learning journey from start to finish.
learner find

Who we work with

We work with the best colleges, local authorities and training providers

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